Online flags can change your dull garden into a creative, colorful, well maintained and lively space that you can enjoy while looking from your home windows or walking through your garden. These garden flags can add colour to both your porch and yard too. Seasonal flags as the name implies, are made for every season and in various shapes and sizes. Here is how to shop for your garden seasonal flags online:

Flag or Banner? An array of options....

The great thing about online Seasonal Flags is the variety of options you have. You can liven uup your garden with flags and banners and also purchase ones that are appropriate for holiday seasons or special events. Garden flags are like banners but of course in a much smaller size ranging from 11” to 15” in width and 15” to 18” in length. The area where you want to display a flag or a banner will help you decide. Banners need a much bigger space than do these little garden flags. They can be displayed, pinned, or stick to garden flag poles.

Know Which Flag to Buy

You should view the information about the types of flags as well as how they are prepared. Garden flags online available to you are made from three ways;

1.         Heat sublimation

2.         Silk screening

3.         Applique

If you are looking for something artistic and some original piece from some artist, then go for heat sublimation flags. Every stroke of brush is captured during printing artist’s paintings with sublimation inks on the fabric used to make flags. The precision and depth of sublimation flags is incomparable to other types of flags.

Silk screen flags are created by printing a peculiar design on the flag fabric. They are not that accurate.

An appliqued flag is made by stitching many pieces of fabric together in a zig zag pattern with a sewing machine.

Know Where to Hang the Flags

Garden flags require poles to enable to you to display your flags. The size of the pole will determine which seasonal or garden flag and what size should be used. If you don’t have a garden pole, then consider buying one from seasonal flags online. Here are a few options

1.         Stand-alone garden pole

2.         Garden flag window hanger

3.         Adjustable mailbox garden flag pole

Once you have got the type of garden pole you want, you can now buy the appropriate flag online.

Know How to Care for Your Flag

Once you have bought the flags, it is important to care for them by following the standard instructions otherwise they would tear and shred in just a week or two. Make sure you follow these important tips:

§  The worst thing is the fading away of your favorite garden flag. So, to make the most of its color, spray your flag with scotch guard. These will slow the process of fading but cannot completely prohibit it.

§  A plain garden flag can be machine washed and air dried but the ones with embellishments should be hand washed and air dried.

§  Plain garden flags can be ironed but not the ones with embellishments.