Spring is almost upon us, and Spring garden flags are a great way to liven your outdoor spaces and celebrate upcoming parties in style. But do you know what to look for when buying a Spring flag? What makes a good flag? What should it be made of and how do you know it is with good quality? There are many different materials to choose from. If you want your Spring garden flags to be durable and be weather resistant, you need to be selective. Read on to find out and make sure the Spring flags you buy are up to the job.

Choose your Material Wisely

Spring garden flags and decorative house flags are typically made of nylon, polyester, cotton or rayon. The cost of the flag will vary depending on the material you use, as will the durability and feel. See below for details about each flag material and choose your flag accordingly.


A long standing traditional material for decorative house flags, cotton is a high quality flag material and looks aesthetically pleasing. The colors on cotton flags are bright and stand out well. The colors also maintain their vibrancy over time.


Nylon is noted for its strength and durability. It is a very popular material for flags in rainy areas, as the material dries very quickly. It is a very light and flexible material which means nylon flags will fly and unfurl even in light breezes. Colors are also very vibrant with nylon decorative house flags and the material is very.


Polyester is another durable material that retains its colors well. It is light which allows it to fly in light breezes. Polyester flags are very strong and are ideal for extreme weather conditions where snow, high winds and rain are the norm. The material is relatively inexpensive to produce, meaning that is a high quality affordable option whilst also being the toughest material.


Rayon is another synthetic material and is similar to polyester. It offers the same strength and lightweight as polyester, but is designed to offer the slick appearance of silk flag.

The Verdict for the Best Spring Garden Flags?

When it comes to Spring garden flags and decorative house flags, strength and durability is the priority. This means that polyester flags are a clear favorite for their ability to withstand rain, wind and sun and still maintain bright colors and integrity. The affordability makes polyester plus too. Therefore, outdoor flags however, we highly recommend that you buy your Spring garden flags and decorative house flags made from polyester.