seasonal house flagsAccording to NBC News, New Zealand is considering changing its flag. Political leaders of the country, which is located next to Australia, confirmed that a vote would happen in the next three years. Currently, the flag features the United Kingdom's flag in the top left corner. Some wish to ditch the symbol because of its colonialist symbolism. However, a recent poll indicated that only 30% of New Zealanders actually want a new flag. The future of the design remains uncertain.

Are you interested in getting decorative flags for your household or business? As shown by New Zealand's debate, flags are more than just part of the landscape -- they often work to communicate an idea or news to other people around us. As you look for new decorative yard flags, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. What are the Best Materials for Outdoor Seasonal House Flags?

For the most part, nylon, vinyl and polyester are all great materials for flags that will need to withstand multiple elements, including rain, sun, and wind. Cotton is not recommended for outdoor use. If you are worried about your flag fading, many flag stores sell an anti-fade spray you can apply.

2. Are There Rules Concerning the American Flag?

There are, in fact, many rules and regulations concerning the use of the American flag. However, the U.S. will never enforce any of these rules (by punishing you if you offend) because doing so would violate your own rights. Here are a few basic rules, though, that you can keep in mind.

i. It is considered disrespectful to allow the flag to touch the ground, even while you are lowering it. Similarly, it should never be stepped on.

ii. The flag should never be used for advertisement purposes.

iii. Once a flag becomes torn and frayed, one should stop displaying it and dispose of it properly. It is concerned acceptable to burn a tattered flag.

3. Can You Buy Flags Online?

Yes, there are many different varieties seasonal house flags available online. There are a few things you should pay attention to while you look through them, though.

i. Double check the material being used. It's easy for a photograph to hide a lack of quality in materials or design.

ii. Make sure you understand the size you are receiving. A flag can seem like a great buy until you realize the size is three by five, not four by six.

iii. Check online reviews to make sure the company you are ordering from has a good reputation concerning the merchandise they sell.

Are you planning on displaying seasonal house flags? Let us know in the comments.