St Patrick’s Day Flag

Whether you are of Irish descent, live in Ireland or anywhere else in the world, or love a good holiday, St Patrick’s Day is a day of great festivities as people all over the world remember the great St Patrick.

From parades to parties to rivers dyed green (the river in Chicago), St Patrick’s Day is a day of fun for the whole family. Why not add to the festivities with decorative house flags? Here at SeasonsFlags, we have many great house and garden flags specifically designed to help you celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

Each of our flags for St Patrick’s Day contains the shamrock symbol characteristic of St Patrick’s Day. The shamrock was used by St Patrick to symbolize the Holy Trinity, as such it is used throughout the decorations of St Patrick’s Day (including the color green). As such, our decorative house flags beautifully incorporate the shamrock stylishly on their designs. Naturally, the same applies to our stunning house and garden flags designed to commemorate St Patrick’s Day.

St Patrick’s Day decorative house flags

Decorate your home this St Patrick’s Day with decorative house flags wishing you, your family, friends, and visitors good luck and Happy St Patrick’s Day. Covered in the traditional green color and the shamrock, Snoopy joins you in celebrating St Patrick’s Day.

Join Snoopy as he jumps off the rainbow into the elusive pot of gold or stands near a rainbow. From cheery colors, good luck wishes and hopes for success and prosperity, these gorgeous decorative house flags are a must have this St Patrick’s Day.


Hang them from your ceiling, against the wall, on a stand near your office desk or mantle, or in your kitchen. No matter where you choose to show off your decorative house flags, this enjoyable Irish festival is sure to be memorable this year.

St Patrick’s Day garden flags

Decorating your house is a must do this March and so is your garden. Perhaps your garden requires more attention this St Patrick’s Day than the inside of your home since you may be participating in the local festivities or have parades come past your home. Whatever the case may be, being prepared to greet passersby with a joyful Happy St Patrick’s Day or wishing them good luck is a definite requirement.

This is why SeasonsFlags has included garden flags in their house and garden flags for St Patrick’s Day. From classic and stylish to our beloved animated characters, your garden will be ready for the festivities in no time, thanks to our house and garden flags.


Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with Snoopy, Peanuts and Friends, and Garfield as they complement the traditional green color of St Patrick’s as well as the shamrock. This year may just be a great year for good luck, prosperity and fun.

For your house and garden flags or your decorative house flags, be sure to visit our store for our excellent range of St Patrick’s Day house and garden flags. Make this Irish holiday a holiday to remember.