Halloween is around the corner. In a week, your neighborhood is going to be crowded with kids dressed in scary or cute costumes walking door to door chorusing “Trick or Treat”. If you haven’t yet decorated your home or garden for Halloween, now is the time to do so.

At SeasonsFlags, we have a vast selection of applique Halloween garden flags and Halloween house flags that are sure to spookify your home in Halloween décor.

Halloween in your garden

SeasonsFlags is proud to offer you a variety of applique Halloween garden flags from some of our beloved characters including Garfield, Snoopy, Peanuts and Friends, and a special appearance of the Angry Birds.

Greet your little trick or treat fans with Garfield’s “Trick or Treat” garden flag. Children dressed in Halloween costumes may not be able to resist your garden after being greeted by Garfield in this stunning applique Halloween garden flag. Or, you could pair Garfield with Angry Birds for a Trick or Treat greeting to passers-by.

For a more traditional yet spooky Halloween laden garden, try our applique Halloween garden flags with a more sophisticated touch to their design. Alternatively, hang out this Halloween with Peanuts and Friends or Snoopy.  These gorgeous animated applique Halloween garden flags bring both that scary Halloween feel and a traditional Snoopy touch.

In addition to these lovely applique Halloween garden flags, SeasonsFlags carries a limited edition of the Peanuts 50 Years The Great Pumpkin garden flags. Get yours today for this Halloween.

Halloween flags for your house

Halloween décor goes beyond your garden. Make your home legendary this Halloween with SeasonsFlags' Halloween house flags. Our selection of Halloween house flags provides you with flags that will greet your visitors and proudly wish them Happy Halloween. Add to your Halloween décor and spook with quality Halloween house flags.

Join Peanuts, Snoopy and Angry Birds in ushering your guests through your home for a great Halloween experience. Place these lovely Halloween house flags in your kitchen, room, living area, and other places of your home as part of your Halloween decoration. You can also wave your Halloween house flags out of your house windows.

SeasonsFlags Halloween house flags will add to your Halloween décor of Jacko-lanterns, witches, spiders, spider webs, and more. Take your visitors on a Halloween tour through your home using Halloween house flags guiding you each step of the way.

From applique Halloween garden flags to Halloween house flags, SeasonsFlags is here to help you have a memorable Halloween this fall. Browse through our selection of Halloween flags to find those that will add that extra spook to your house and neighborhood.

From SeasonsFlags, we wish you a Happy Scary Halloween.