With your garden flags exposed to the elements and the general wear and tear on flag hardware over time, maintaining your flag pole brackets, flag fables, and flag accessories will give your flags a longer colorful lifespan.

Flagpole hardware maintenance

The place that you choose to display your flag will either increase its lifespan or increase its risk of damage. Flags displayed near tree limbs, building facades or other objects can put your flag right on target for tears in the flag itself as well as scratches and dents in the flag pole and flag pole brackets.

Once you’ve chosen the safest location for your flag to fly proudly in your garden or house, choose one of SeasonsFlags flagpole brackets to secure your flagpole and flag in its new home. While you are at it, how about checking the rest of your flagpole brackets. Watch out for rust, scratches, mould or other deterioration. Your flagpole brackets and flagpoles may require a fresh coat of paint to refresh its’ appearance. You may wish to clean any of your fiberglass flagpoles and brackets to keep it looking new and lively.

Give your metal flagpole brackets a fresh coat of paint after smoothing out any wear and tear on the bracket. If required, replace rusted or stripped bolts with new bolts. This will give your flagpole brackets more hours of flying your flags proudly.

Flag accessories

Getting the most out of your flags will help your home and garden remain vibrant and memorable. At Season Flags we help you to protect your flag fables and flags from the elements with our flag accessories.

Shelter your flags from harsh weather conditions, overexposure to the sun, unnecessary debris and pollution with our flag organizer. Want to rotate your flags? Use the same organizer to store your older flags. This incredible flag accessory can store twelve garden flags and twelve house flags simultaneously. From as low as $9.95, SeasonsFlags’s flag accessories are a bargain giving your flags a lifetime of happiness and vibrancy.

Already cleaned your flags but the weather is not permitting you to display them? No problem, our flag accessories including flag organizer will help keep your flags looking clean and colorful until that moment when you can decorate your garden or house once again.

Our other flag fables and flag accessories include our aluminum, metal and wooden flagpoles. If your current flagpoles have gotten rusty or the wood has swelled due to exposure to heavy precipitation, Season Flags flag fables are a great solution.

Whenever you inspect your flags for wear and tear, check the condition of your flagpoles. Do they need a new coat of paint? If your poles are wooden, have they come into contact with too much water or fallen prey to wood-eating insects?

Taking care of your flags and flag hardware will give your flags a longer lifespan. Choose the location of your flags display carefully. Beware of busy roads, exposure to soot and the wind or any other object that could damage both the flag or the flag hardware.