decorative yard flagsA flag is described as a piece of fabric with a specific design that is utilized to decorate or symbolize a building or structure. Also, some flags are used to signal a group of people or portray a distinctive message. Flags were first put to use during battle so that armies could identify themselves and coordinate military tactics. These early flags were utilized more than 3,000 years ago. Flags soon became popular with ships traveling on the sea who needed to signal to one another.

Flags can still be seen today, and in fact they are probably much more popular today than they used to be. Decorative flags are most widely used, and there are thousands of options available. If you want to purchase some decorative yard flags for home use, then there are a number of factors to take under consideration.

1. Consider the flag material that you like best. Flags are made from wool, cotton, polyester, and nylon. Cotton and wool materials offer a softer and more flexible feel to your flag. Polyester, nylon, and other synthetic materials are harder.

Although synthetic materials seem more rugged, they wear well in variable weather conditions. This means that polyester and nylon are good choices if your decorative flags sit outside all year long. Cotton and wool materials are a good option for indoor use, or for decorative yard flags that are rarely set on display.

3. Think about the graphics on your flag. Graphics can be added through screen printing or embroidery processes. Also, graphics are sometimes woven directly into the flag. Some flags even feature patterns with different colored fabrics sewn together. Screen printed flags are a good option if you want a flag with a complex or realistic image. Embroidery is best for simple graphics on high-quality flags, and sewn flags are great if you want a whimsical or fun feel.

4. Ponder the size of flag that you want to display. Decorative yard flags come in every size imaginable, but flags that are too small may not be seen. Large flags can be unmanageable and difficult to display. Think about where your flag will be secured. Large ground and eave installed flag poles can display the biggest flags, and you do not have to worry about the seasonal flags becoming entangled. Smaller flags work well with metal posts or flag stands. The measurements of your pole or stand can help you to figure out how long and wide your flag can be.
5. Consider the type of message you are trying to portray before you pick out your flag. Options like country and memorial flags are good if you want to portray nationalism. If you have celebration on your find, then look at holiday house flags. Novelty flags for sale, cartoon character flags, or seasonal flags are good for a more fun and everyday feel.