Halloween is almost here again, a time of year enjoyed by so many in a fun or spooky way! As well as being a great holiday to enjoy and have fun with, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to decorate your home.

And, as taste goes over Halloween, the busier and more fun, the better! Of course, if you prefer a more toned down version of Halloween decor, that’s fine too. Particularly as SeasonsFlags has all the fall house flags you could want, to create a perfect style that’s all yours.

Go crazy

Let’s begin with those who like the loud and scary Halloween style of home decorating. Our range of Halloween garden flags is big enough to entice almost everyone to buy at least one from SeasonsFlags!

From Peanuts, to ghosts, cats and pumpkins, you can highlight your favorite Halloween feature - or all of them at once. And flags can easily be hung above or around a whole host of other spooky Halloween decorative details.

Displaying your Halloween garden flags couldn’t be simpler, either.

They’re lightweight enough to be hung safely from your porch or any fencing you might have. Or, a strong piece of twine is also a safe way to display your favorite fall house flags. Just make sure you get them all in the perfect spot that your neighbors and trick or treaters can see them clearly and you know you’ve got your display just right - however big and busy it is!

Opt for something a little more low-key

If your love of Halloween doesn’t extend to a garden full of decorations, Halloween garden flags offer the perfect solution. They show off your enjoyment of the holiday while keeping the assault on your garden and the exterior of your home, to a minimum.

We know that’s not everyone’s preference. But, for some, less is more in the decorating stakes - even during Halloween! By adding some fall house flags, you’re still joining in the spirit of Halloween. But you’re doing it in your own way.

Keep your Halloween garden flags ready for next year, too

We know Halloween is a time of year when lots of new decorations are purchased to be displayed then stored, only to be forgotten about the next year. At SeasonsFlags we have the perfect solution to that - our garden flag organizer.

It holds 12 garden flags and 12 house flags, so it’s perfect for you to store your favorite Halloween garden flags to re-use every year. It’s also got enough space to add to your collection every year too. Afterall, it’s always good to see a new spooky scene or character displayed outside your home!

Enjoy Halloween and satisfy your neighbors and visiting trick-or-treaters, too, with one or more of our spectacularly spooky Halloween garden flags!