It’s that time of the year again when everything around us turns to those beautiful hues of burgundy, orange and yellow. From the moment the first leaf falls, everyone goes into a frenzy of wanting to decorate their homes to welcome in the new season. For years, fall has become a great way to lead into the spirit of the happiest season of the year and what better way to this than by festively decorating our homes.

House flags have long been a symbol of warmth and invitation. Popular in the United States, House Flags were mostly patriotic symbols to declare love for the country but over the years, house flags have transformed into great decorative pieces. Through the years we have seen the rise of different house flags for every occasion.

Fall House Flags

Probably one of the most popular occasions in the United States is Fall. This is because children and adults alike cannot help but love the season of mystery and a chance to wear costumes. For most adults, being able to dress up their house in a costume of their own is a treat as well. This is why they spend a lot of time beautifying their homes to welcome trick or treaters or just to make it as festive as possible. This is why we have seen the rise in Fall House Flags.

SeasonsFlags has long decorated homes withbright and beautiful designs for every occasion and every interest. Clients have long said that they never start a season without a Fall House Flag from SeasonsFlags and have been amazed at how many designs there are every year.

There is also a huge interest in Fall Garden Flags simply because they are unique and easily spotted in homes. For some, they use designs from the Fall Garden Flags collection all year round to add a little color and to brighten up the mood of their homes. It’s definitely a nice added touch.

Applique Flags

Another popular trend on the rise is the use of Applique Flags for the home. Applique flags are quite beautiful and unique because they use layers of fabric to create images. Applique flags are constructed as one seamless flag that carries with it the colors of the design, from pumpkins to spooky ghosts these flags have a handmade quality to them that makes them really special. SeasonsFlags designs make wonderful gifts for family and friends and are very affordable. Check out the SeasonsFlags range today.