In the United States, St. Patrick’s Day is a celebrated holiday. St. Patrick’s Day, which originated in Ireland as early as 432 has long been an American Tradition. What initially began as a tradition to celebrate with Irish Descent became a country wide celebration, regarding of origins.

It is not uncommon to see everyone from your bosses to your neighbors celebrating a day that is known to be both fun and festive. With such a highly regarded tradition, it is not a secret that most Americans furnish their homes during one of the most festive times of the year. However, a lot of people would like to decorate their homes in creative ways and to do so not in a tacky manner.

Decorate With Mason Jars

St. Patrick Day is all about the color green but you can do away with the tacky green and instead use subtle greens such as plants. You can even make use of your old mason jars, paint them green, and fill them with you guessed it right, green flowers. This gives you a minimalist approach to a an age old holiday.

Decorate your garden, your entryway, and the outside of your home.

The best and most subtle way to decorate your home just in time for St. Patrick’s Day is to decorate your home in unique ways. A popular choice is the use of St. Patrick’s Day Garden Flags and St. Patrick’s Day House Flags. St. Patrick’s Day Garden Flags are beautiful addition to the greens of your garden and can even be used all year round. St. Patrick’s House Flags on the other hand immediately signals to your neighbors that you are indeed getting in the Irish spirit.

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