With St Patrick’s Day set in March, time is fast approaching for those house and garden flags to wave proudly in and around your home as a joyful green celebration. Whether you are Irish or just love celebrating fun holidays, you can be sure that SeasonsFlags will have you covered with decorative house flags this St Patrick’s Day.

With St Patrick’s Day characterized by the color green and the three-leafed clover, your home and garden are sure to need their own splash of vibrant green to celebrate this fun holiday. Your usual house and garden flags may find themselves tucked away temporarily as the animated decorative house flags and other house and garden flags specifically designed for St Patrick’s Day come out in a fabulously green display.

Animated decorative house flags

For those who enjoy animation humor and wit, Garfield and Snoopy make their classic appearance in the St Patrick’s collection of decorative house flags and, of course, the house and garden flags. Get the rainbow “duo” flags that show Snoopy with a rainbow as one decorative house flag and Snoopy jumping into the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow as the other decorative house flag. Each of these Snoopy St Patrick’s house flags is tastefully decorated with the three-leafed clover emblem. Join Snoopy this St Patrick’s Day, as you enjoy parades, friendship and a good time.

Garfield, of course, is right up there among the SeasonsFlags’ St Patrick’s Day house and garden flags. See Garfield, dressed up in his Irish ensemble hoping that the luck of St Patrick’s Day will bring him good fortune. Place these garden flags strategically in your garden where passers-by are sure to stop and take notice. Garfield continues to welcome people to your home with the house and garden flags as he welcomes your guests, family and friends into your home with his green Irish outfits. Get your party started with Garfield this St Patrick’s Day.

Classic house and garden flags

For those flag lovers who prefer a more classic and sophisticated contribution to St Patrick’s Day, SeasonsFlags has a small selection of classic house and garden flags. Whether in your home or garden, wish passers-by, guests, loved ones, and neighbors a happy St Patrick’s Day with bold green, clovers and pots of gold.

Wave your decorative house flags boldly out of your house windows or use them as indoor decor for your living room or dining room. Let your guests, family and friends enjoy the food, beer, and conversation typical of this festive holiday while enjoying the beauty of your decorative house flags. While you enjoy the parades of St Patrick’s Day your home and garden will continue the festivities as they contentedly flaunt their lush green clovers and bountiful money pots.

Whatever your flag needs, SeasonsFlags is sure to have a flag to help you celebrate St Patrick’s Day in style. Get your flags today for as low as $7.95.