In this blog post, we take a look at some of the designers who create the designs for our decorative house flags and indoor flags. These talented individuals lend us their creativity, vision and natural instinct for aesthetic beauty to make amazing decorative house flags.

Sara Catena

Sara is a uniquely talented designer who has trained in art and design. She draws inspiration from the French fauvist movement and uses these elements in her designs. These designs are used on our decorative house flags and indoor flags. A big fan of Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Georges Seurat and Paul Cézanne, Sara takes the concept of using color as an independent element and main feature of design, rather than using it merely for its representational purpose. The result is striking decorative house flags and indoors flags with deep, saturated, vibrant colors that immediately draw the eye.

Sara indoor flags are vivid, and the colors help with the overall aim of the Fauvist design and Sara’s approach, namely individual expression and forsaking of established rules or conventions. You can see Sara’s stunning design on our decorative house flag creations here.

Steven Scott

With a degree in Fine Arts from Northern Arizona University, Steven has solid foundation in art from a theoretical and technical standpoint. He applied his talent for graphic design to many small and medium sized business during his 12 years as a freelance designer. He then went on to work for Target, being responsible for designing products and packaging. Despite being an immensely gifted graphic designer in the commercial world, he returned to his artistic roots and starting painting again in 2009. He had held exhibitions in New York and Florida showcasing his paintings to the public. We bring his designs to our decorative house flags and indoor flags. His designs feature bold use of color and whilst he may borrow from Expressionism, Art Nouveau, postmodernism and even Pop Art. His decorative house flags and indoor flags are totally unique. Click here to see Steven’s impressive decorative house flag collection.

Willow Bascom

Willow has a natural instinct for indigenous art, having grown up surrounded by native art in Saudi Arabia and Panama. Her artistic approach is entirely self-taught, drawing inspiration from the Kuna people in Panama in particular. She enjoys painting on the mola, a traditional Panamanian canvass. Needless to say, these authentic influences find their way into her stunning creations. Her beautiful decorative house flags and indoor flagsfeature unique color combinations and contrasts. Her use of color is spectacular and is critically acclaimed amongst art experts and enthusiasts. Nature and animals play a key role in her artistic creations.

She regularly showcases her paintings in art galleries in Connecticut, Maine and Vermont. Far from being at a disadvantage by having no formal art training, Willow has benefitted from creating her own individual style that draws on her own experiences, upbringing and travels. Click here to see her exceptional decorative house flag designs.